Jessica Brillhart


In 2009, she joined Google as their first filmmaker, where she spearheaded numerous award-winning shorts and documentaries as part of Google’s Creative Lab before joining the company's VR team in 2015.

Brillhart was the first person to field test the 16-camera Google Jump rig that was the prototype for the GoPro Odyssey. The resulting film, World Tour, was the first VR film made with the Jump ecosystem. Since then, Brillhart has created numerous projects with subjects ranging from the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team, Voyager’s Golden Record, machine learning efforts like DeepDream, to constructing minimalistic nostalgia meme-worlds based on The Weather Channel.

She has served as mentor, writer, speaker, and theorist for organizations like the Sundance Institute, IFP, and the Tribeca Film Institute and for publications like The New Yorker, Killscreen, and Filmmaker Magazine. Most recently, Brillhart was included in MIT Technology Review’s 2017 Innovators Under 35 list, recognized for her pioneering work in the VR space.

Jessica Brillhart