Jessica Murray

United Kingdom/USA

Jessica Murray was born in England in 1972.  She grew up between Kenya, England and the United States.  She received a BA in History and Iberian Studies from Skidmore College, NY.

In 1997 she moved to New York where she worked, first for the Center for Cuban Studies and then for Magnum Photos. At the same time she worked with different grassroots advocacy projects including a three-year commitment to Project Hip Hop (Highways into the Past, History Organizing and Power) a program developed by the ACLU of MA.

In 2004 she founded Al-liquindoi, which she continues to direct until today.  Al-liquindoi provides a series of workshops in visual storytelling in different locations in Spain and works internationally in collaboration with organizations like the Open Society Foundations, among others.  Jessica currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Jessica Murray