Maya Goded


Through her photographs and now on video, Maya Goded (Mexico, 1967) explores the subjects of female sexuality, prostitution and gender violence in a society in which the role of women is narrowly defined and femininity is shrouded in myths of chastity, fragility and motherhood.

She has published several books and co-authored others, including Plaza de la Soledad, published in Spain by Lunwerg; Good Girls, published in New York by Umbrige; and Tierra Negra, published in Mexico by El Milagro.

Goded has received awards from the Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Council for Culture and Arts in Mexico, and the Prince Claus Fund. Her work has been exhibited in the US, Latin America, Europe, China, and Africa. Solo exhibits of her work have also been staged by some of the world’s most prestigious museums and festivals.

In 2009, Goded took an interest in video and her first short film, Una Reina a su Gusto, was shown at the Official Selection of the 2011 Morelia Film Festival and the 2012 Tucson Film Festival. She is currently working in to documentary films.

Maya Goded