Olfa Feki


Olfa Feki is an architect and curator based between Tunisia, France, Morocco, Egypt and the Netherlands.

Her interest in photography started when she was still studying architecture. She moved from promoting photography on a national scale by co-founding the platform Shutter Party, to an international scale with collaboration with institutions and foundations such as World Press Photo, Magnum agency, NOOR agency and Arab World Institute, as well as governmental institutions such as the Goethe Institute and the French Institute as a cultural consultant.

She moved to Egypt to direct the biennale of contemporary art Something Else 2015, with Simon Njami and eight other international curators. Olfa went from representing artists to becoming a jury member as well as producing documentaries and photo essays, and curating exhibitions in galleries in Paris, Morocco and Cairo. She has also been involved in World Nomads New York 2013, Dakā€™art 2014, Something Else Cairo 2015 and the Biennale of Photographers of the Contemporary Arab World; IMA and La MEP, Paris 2017.

One of her projects in Tunisia is #Kerkennah01, the first edition of a photography/multimedia festival, will be produced by 10 international curators.
She is currently working as an independent curator/consultant and Regional Representative in Europe and North Africa for NOOR images Agency, Amsterdam.

Olfa Feki