Oli Scarff

United Kingdom

After gaining a master's degree in mathematics, Oli Scarff began his photography career with SWNS agency before moving to a staff position at the Daily Telegraph newspaper in London. In 2008 he joined Getty Images as a staff news photographer covering domestic stories as well as international assignments. In late 2014 he moved to Agence France-Presse (AFP), adding sports photography to his remit. 

Amongst other awards he was named British Press Photographer of the Year in 2011. His images regularly appear in publications around the world including: The New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, LA Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, TIME and Newsweek.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Award-winning photographer 2018 Photo Contest
Award-winning photographer 2020 Photo Contest

Oli Scarff on Social Media:
Instagram: @oliscarff
Twitter: @oliscarff

Oli Scarff

Image credit: Moira Scarff