Olivier Jobard


Born in 1970, Olivier Jobard joined the Louis Lumière School in 1990. He was offered an end-of-course internship at the Sipa Press agency and joined their photography team two years later. Today, he is represented by the photo agency MYOP.

He has covered many conflicts around the world: Croatia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Colombia, Iraq and more.

His photographic approach was forever changed by a trip in 2000 to Sangatte, France. He has mainly dedicated himself ever since to a long-term project on the problems of immigration in Europe and the world.

In 2004, Jobard met 23-year-old Kingsley in Cameroon and documented his journey through Africa to France. Jobard then focused for the next two years on the “fortress of Europe” and the various routes taken by illegal immigrants to reach European borders – from the Ukraine to Poland, from Turkey to Greece and from Syria to Lampedusa.

Olivier Jobard