Olivier Sarbil

During the past decade he’s covered wars, conflicts and critical social issues across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Olivier documented the insurgency in southern Thailand, the long-running ethnic conflicts in Myanmar and in 2010 was in Bangkok to cover the Thai military’s bloody crackdown on protesters.

Since then he has filmed from the frontlines of the Libyan revolution as well as the war in Syria, the spillover of that conflict in Lebanon and Jordan and was in Gaza during the 2012 war with Israel.

Olivier accompanied French troops deployed to combat jihadists in Mali and filmed in the Central African Republic at the height of the interethnic violence. 

He spent six months documenting the conflict in eastern Ukraine, from both sides of the battle lines and has extensively covered Europe’s refugee crisis and terror attacks access the region.

His latest film, MOSUL, is a theatrical documentary shot over the course of the nine-month battle, which follows a group of young Iraqi Special Forces soldiers tasked with leading the fight against ISIS. MOSUL premiered in Los Angeles in August 2017.

Olivier Sarbil