Pieter Ten Hoopen

the Netherlands/ Sweden

Pieter Ten Hoopen is a member of Agency VU in Paris, as well as the founder of the company Civilian Act in Stockholm Sweden.

Pieter has worked with aftermaths of war and humanitarian crisis since 2004 and worked for longer periods in Afghanistan, Iraq, and was based in Kabul and Nairobi through his career.

Pieter's work has been recognized through a number of prestigious awards including photographer of the year award in Sweden three times, World press photo winner 2008 and 2010 and POYI winner.

In 2015, his film Hungry Horse legends of the every day was nominated for an Emmy award.

Pieter has published three books, Stockholm, Tokyo 7 and Hungry Horse. His work has been exhibited all over the world and currently the exhibition childmothers a collaboration between the photographer, Plan Sweden and the UN, is shown globally.

He holds a degree in photojournalism from the school of photojournalism Biskops Arnö in Sweden. Pieter has worked as a guest lecturer at the school of journalism in Århus Denmark since 2007 and teaches photojournalism and storytelling global on a wide variety of photographs institutes.

World Press Photo Involvement: 
Award-winning photographer 2008 Photo Contest
Award-winning photographer 2010 Photo Contest
Award-winning photographer 2019 Photo Contest 

Pieter Ten Hoopen on Social Media:
Instagram: @pietertenhoopen
Twitter: @PietertenHoopen 

Pieter Ten Hoopen

Photo credit: Knut Koivisto