Roger Turesson


In 1983 he became a staff photographer at Expressen and was based in USA 1988-91. He covered the fall of the Soviet Union and the development in Russia 1991-1994.

In 2002 Roger moved on to a freelance-career and was one of the founders of Moment Agency. He worked as a contributing photographer and also with workshops designated to develop photojournalism and picture editing in the tabloid format.

In 2007 he was appointed head of the photo department at Dagens Nyheter, and since 2010 he has worked as staff photographer at the same newspaper.

He has covered numerous world events, including the Gulf War, the conflicts in former Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Gaza, Kashmir, Iraq, Darfur, Lebanon and Syria.

Throughout his career he has also worked on extensive photographic essays in his home community, documenting people in their daily lives.

Turesson is a three-time winner of Picture of the Year in Sweden and has also been the recipient of Photographer of the Year. In 2013 he won Storyteller of the year in the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism, and in 2014 The Documentary Prize from Arbetets Museum, Sweden.

In 1997 he published ‘Monsun – Hongkong’, with Peter Kadhammar, and in 2007, ‘Dokument Stockholm’, with Jeppe Wikström.