Shangzhen Fan


Shangzhen Fan (1966) was born in a remote village in Guinan County of Qinghai Province, China. His main focus is nature, especially wild animals, and he has been committed to photographing wildlife for 10 years. As a 30-year native of the Tibetan plateau, every mountain, river, tree and bush in his hometown is familiar to him. He has visited different nature reserves many times, following the tracks of Tibetan antelope, white-lipped deer, wild yak, kiangsand fox, black-necked crane and snowcock. He is also actively involved in social welfare activities, calling on the public to protect wildlife with his lens.

His work has won many awards, including the gold prize in Geermu Salt Lake National Photographic Art Festival and the silver prize in the nature section of the 2012 National Geographic Photography Contest.

He is a member of the Chinese Photographers Association as well as Qinghai Photographers Association, and the vice chairman of Haixizhou Photographers Association and Qinghai Petroleum Marketing Photographers Association.

Shangzhen Fan