Silvia Omedes


Silvia has been the director of Photographic Social Vision Foundation in Barcelona since 2001, having begun her career working as exhibition coordinator at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

As a visual editor, she has worked for the publishing house Blume and the magazine OjodePez.

Silvia combines visiting lectures on documentary photography in different private and public schools in Spain with the creation of alternative photography projects that challenge our society and shed light and create awareness of social issues worldwide.

She has been a tutor for World Press Photo’s Masterclasses in Europe and Latin America, and a jury member for Joven Talento FNAC 2015, Czech Press Photo, LUX, and Poy Latam 2017. She is also an official nominator of young talents for the World Press Photo Foundation.

As a photographer agent, she offers consulting services to both individual authors and collections, providing management skills and strategies for the professional exploitation of photographic archives.

Her clients include the first woman photojournalist in Spain, Joana Biarnés, and the heirs of the Jácques Léonard Family Archive. Since 2014 she is a member of the Impulse Commission for the National Photography Plan of Government of Catalonia.

Silvia Omedes