Sophia Baraket


Sophia Baraket (Tunisia) grew up in an image-oriented environment. At 18, she moved to Paris to study at an international photography school. During a work placement at Magnum Photos, she studied historic archives and got to know the work of great photographers.

Returning to Tunis in 2005, she organized events and exhibitions in which she participated herself. In 2010, while in California, she took part in a project about the many ‘don’ts’ in American society, returning just in time to start covering the Tunisian revolution. She was the first Tunisian photographer to arrive at the border to document the exodus of refugees from Libya.

In 2011, Baraket participated in a project by the street artist and photographer JR. She concentrates on documenting stories, as she did in projects on child mothers in Uganda and Western countries dumping their waste in North Africa. The latter was selected for the 2011 African Photography Biennial in Bamako, Mali.

Sophia Baraket