Virginie Nguyen Hoang


Virginie Nguyen Hoang graduated in 2011 from IHECS (L’Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales), Brussels, where she studied journalism. She also spent a semester at the Danish School of Media and Journalism to sharpen her photojournalism skills.

Currently based in Cairo, she is a photojournalist and multimedia producer for the Egyptian online newspaper Mada Masr, member of the Studio HansLucas and a stringer for AFP.

In 2011, with Frederic Pauwels and Gaëtan Nerincx, she founded the HUMA collective, which emphasizes social issues and advocates a humanistic approach to photography.

In the past year Virginie has worked in Vietnam, Egypt, and Syria, focusing on long-term projects linked to social exclusion.

Virginie Nguyen Hoang