Vladimir Pesnya


Born in 1970 in Moscow into a doctor’s family, Vladimir Pesnya worked as a correspondent for the weekly Book Review, and as editor-in-chief of factory newspaper Stankostroitel. His main practical journalism education came when he worked for the newspaper Sport-Express, which saw him go from the correspondent of department of information to the head of the Internet edition. In this newspaper, he also started doing reportage photography in the field of sports. Later he worked in the newspaper Soviet Sport, combining the writing profession of journalist and photographer, as well as the press attache of the Russian Volleyball Federation.

In 2005, he got his first job as a photojournalist in Epsilon photo agency, thus began a collaboration with the Getty Images. He then worked for several years as the main photographer for the daily newspaper Sport Day by Day, and then received an invitation to RIA Novosti. In addition, he regularly volunteers for the program "Train of Hope", dedicated to help in the adoption of Russian orphans.

Vladimir is married with three children.

Vladimir Pesnya