Zara Samiry


Born in Casablanca in 1982, Zara Samiry graduated with degrees in multimedia design and communications and advertising. 

Her passion for the combination of images and sound then led her to study visual arts in France. She began working as a freelance photographer in 2010, specializing in documentary photography.

She is the author of two multimedia works, Exils (“Exiles”) and Dans la ville blanche (“The White City”). Both are series of portraits that show the life, feelings, and fate of others, subjects that are central to her work.

In 2012 she joined Hans Lucas, a creation studio and agency in Paris. In addition to her personal work, Samiry collaborates with the international press, publishers, and advertising agencies. Since 2012, she has been a photo stringer for Agence France-Presse.

She is frequently invited to present her personal work at conferences. In 2012 she gave a TEDx talk in Casablanca on her “self-transcendence.”

Zara Samiry