Zied Ben Romdhane


“Zied is a documentary photographer who is using aesthetics in a tasteful way to invite the audience to his stories. His work is not pushing facts but instead he uses careful compositions that leaves room for the viewer to reflect on the images and their content.”

- Rebecca Simons, Finland, independent curator, editor and educator

Zied Ben Romdhane started his career as a commercial photographer. In 2011, he switched to documentary photography and photojournalism.

His work has been exhibited at Afrotopia African Biennale of photography, Bamako (2017); the Biennale of the photographs of the contemporary Arab world, Paris (2017); Trace at MUCEM, Marseille (2015); Sahel at 1x1 Gallery, Dubai (2014); and Fotofest Biennial in Houston Center for Photography, Houston (2014), among others.

Zied Ben Romdhane won the POPCAP award in 2015, and his work has been featured in Irada and Dégage.

He is the Director of ‘Photography of Fallega’ (2011), a documentary film about the Arab Spring in Tunisia.

Zied Ben Romdhane was a participant in World Press Photo’s 2013 Reporting Change initiative, and he is a member of the ‘Rawiya’ collective and ‘Native’ database.

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Zied Ben Romdhane