Bjarke Calvin

Bjarke Calvin is CEO and Founder of the Insight Media app Duckling and a fellow at MIT Open Doclab. Insight Media is a new storytelling format built on contextual and collective human thinking.
Before launching Duckling, Bjarke founded Storyplanet, which was the first tool for building interactive documentaries without coding. Both projects have Joi Ito as an early investor and board member. 

The common denominator in all of Bjarke's work is a fundamental belief that the next step in human evolution lies in collective knowledge created through storytelling. Only by seeing how things are connected can we create the right solutions for today's complex problems.

He started a long career in interactive documentary in 2001 with publishing one of the worlds first interactive documentaries, The Enemy Within. The project was recently canonized by IDFA as one the 100 most influential interactive media pieces of this century. After this he worked as Executive Editor at Magnum Photos where he co-founded Magnum In Motion. Bjarke is also frequent lecturer and adviser at schools and events like MIT, Harvard, SXSW and TEDx

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Bjarke Calvin by © Casper Dalhoff