Neil Aldridge

South Africa
Neil Aldridge is a conservationist photographer, a lecturer in marine and natural history photography at Falmouth University, a published author and a professional wildlife guide.

Neil Aldridge is a conservationist, photographer and a lecturer in marine and natural history photography at Falmouth University. His photography has won awards all over the world, including the 2018 World Press Photo Environment Singles category and the title of European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Neil creates photographs and stories that increase our understanding and awareness of conservation issues and inspire change. He also uses his fine art wildlife photography to raise funds for conservation causes.

His biggest projects to date include stories that have documented efforts to save Africa’s wild dogs and rhinos, as well as stories from the British countryside about the controversial badger cull debate, pheasant shooting and our relationship with foxes.

In early 2016, Neil began using his photography and videography to help establish the rhino charity Rhino Conservation Botswana. He helped the charity to promote its work and secure funds for the movement of rhinos to Botswana, as well as their subsequent monitoring and protection.

He is a trustee of the charities Animals Saving Animals and Poaching Prevention, which both work to protect wildlife and reduce human-wildlife conflict around the world.

In 2018, Neil worked alongside the charity Wildscreen to produce the internationally renowned Wildscreen Festival and launch a new Wildscreen award for storytelling in photography.

Neil is a contributing photographer to the collaborative ‘Photographers Against Wildlife Crime’ project, as well as the 'Remembering Rhinos' fundraising project.

His African wild dog book ‘Underdogs’ spearheaded his efforts to raise funds and awareness for this endangered species. Photographs from this project also featured in the winning portfolios of the coveted Wildlife Photographer of the Year and International Conservation Photography Awards, as well as the iLCP's Extinction exhibition in Colorado in 2010. Through sales of ‘Underdogs’, Neil donated funds to wild dog projects in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

His work is influenced by his career in the conservation sector and his time growing up in Africa. He is a FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) qualified guide and holds a master’s degree in photojournalism from the University of the Arts London.

He is a contributing photographer to the leading wildlife photography agency Nature Picture Library and provides photography and film content to Wildscreen Exchange, an image library that supports frontline conservation NGOs.
Neil Aldridge