Jeremy Boxer

Jeremy Boxer is an award-winning creative director and filmmaker based New York and London, working for the past two decades at the leading edge where film, technology, and art intersect.

In the mid 1990s Jeremy was at the epicenter for the digital film revolution as one of the senior curators and lead producers of RES magazine and the trailblazing festival RESFEST (the world first digital film festival that traveled to 46 cities around the world). Following this Jeremy worked as an independent curator and as a creative director, winning awards for his interactive work with social games company Hide&Seek in London.

In 2010 he joined Vimeo as Creative Director of Film and Video where he co-created the Vimeo Festival + Awards and award winning Vimeo On Demand. During his tenure he was directly involved with the editorial and creative strategies of Vimeo and its brand partnerships. He traveled extensively the brand spokesman speaking and partnering with the worlds best film and video festivals.

Upon his departure from Vimeo he returned to curation as consultant in the VR&AR worlds for international clients such as the Sónar + D festival in Barcelona. He currently is also a Creative Director/Producer and Co-founder of Constellation.earth a non profit whose mission is to share the astronaut perspective of seeing Earth from space through unique immersive storytelling and technology.

Jeremy has also consulted and worked with some of the world's leading brands including: Nike, Warner Brothers, PlayStation, SXSW, British Film Institute, TED, Tribeca Enterprises, Arts Alliance, Panasonic and Samsung. He graduated with honors from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.
Jeremy Boxer

Photo credit:
Jeremy Boxer by © Lyle Owerk