Terrell Groggins

United States

Terrell Groggins is a photojournalist from Detroit, Michigan, who uses his camera to document human stories and issues. His work covers topics such as social injustices, human rights, and community resilience. 

Groggins grew up in Detroit, where he lost his brother in 2008. This event motivated him to reveal the hidden realities and voices of society through his photography. He was also inspired by the diverse culture and art of the 1990s. He learned from Mrs. Boudreaux, an African-American Japanese teacher who lived next door. Her home was a place where foreign exchange students practiced film photography. This experience shaped his artistic vision and goals. 

In 2012, Groggins focused on Detroit’s boxing scene. He followed the lives of local athletes, showing their strength and spirit. In 2019, he created the Shields Strikes Back series. The series showed the fight of boxer Claressa Shields for gender equality in her sport. 

Throughout his career, Groggins has won multiple awards including The Istanbul Photo Award and the International Photography Award in 2019. The Smithsonian Museum Magazine’s The American Experience Award recognized his ability to represent the various aspects of the American identity. He will continue being the photojournalist who challenges perceptions, sparks conversations, and elevates the human experience through visual storytelling.

Inspired by the Magnum Photos and World Press Photo Square Print sale Written by Light in October 2023, Groggins created a short film of the same name, showing how photographers use light to create beauty, emotion, and meaning in their practice and speaks about the medium of photography in the age of artificial intelligence. The film also features the story behind his awarded image Shields Strikes Back. Watch it here.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2019 World Press Photo Contest winner

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Terrell Groggins