Enayat Asadi

Enayat Asadi was born in Iran in 1981.

He graduated in electrical engineering, however in 2009 started working as a photographer, having taught himself. In 2011, he decided to travel to Afghanistan to cover the events of the war in Afghanistan.

His work concentrates on social problems, violations of human rights, poverty, injustice and social discrimination. In 2017, following the aftermath of the war in Afghaninstan, Asadi began to photograph Afghan immigrants and cover issues of illegal immigrants.

Asadi has won numerous awards, including coming second place in the Instanbul Photo Awards in 'Story News' in 2017 and being a finalist of the Philip Jones Griffiths Foundation in 2018.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Award-winning photographer 2019 Photo Contest

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Twitter: @enayatasadi
Enayat Asadi

Photo credit: Hamed Barchian