Fábio Erdos


Fábio Erdos is a Brazilian filmmaker and photographer member of Panos Pictures. He focuses on documenting stories through a personal and intimate narrative, aiming to bring awareness and have an impact on social and environmental issues.

Fábio Erdos began his career in early 2015 after completing cinema school at Darcy Ribeiro Film School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazi.

He is a 2019 World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest winner with his film Marielle and Monica, produced for The Guardian. His films have been shown at the GLAAD, in New York, One World Film Festival, in Prague, La Gacilly Photo Festival, in France, the Museum of Tomorrow and the Museum of Modern Art, in Rio de Janeiro, among other festivals around the world.

Previous to his film and photography career, Fábio worked for the international non-profit ActionAid for many years, where he gained experience in the grassroots work on poverty and social inequality. During this time, he worked in rural communities in Northeast Brazil, a region that suffers from one of the worst droughts in the last 50 years, in Haiti, a year after the devastating earthquake of 2010, and in the rural communities of Mozambique. These experiences inspired him to pursue filmmaking and photography as a way to convey contemporary socio-environmental issues.

Erdos' clients include several international non-profits and media outlets, such as ActionAid, Global Witness, CNN's Great Big Story, and The Guardian. He is also a contributor to The Everyday Projects.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2019 Digital Storytelling Contest winner

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Fábio Erdos

Photo credit: Fábio Erdos