Francois Laso


Francois Laso, born in Belgium, is a researcher, curator and visual artist. 

He has Masters degrees in Visual Anthropology, and in Photography, and is currently a Professor at the University of the Arts (UA). His research centres on cultural history, photography and visual studies. Laso’s research publications include The look and memory and The inverted footprint, and his photography books include Another sky do not expect and Never a River

Laso is the Director of the Photojournalism for Peace Prize, and has been a jury member of POY Latam (2019). He has also received numerous awards, including the New Mariano Aguilera Award (2017), National Photography Award (2012), Hugo Cifuentes (2009) and José Peralta Award (2008). 

Francois Laso

Image Credit: Francois 'Coco' Laso