Romain Laurendeau

Romain Laurendeau trained in photography at ETPA in Toulouse, France and has worked on long term projects as a professional photographer in France, Senegal, Algeria and Palestinian territories and Israel. 
Laurendeau was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a progressive eye disease that distorts the cornea. During these years of illness, he explored intimacy through the introspective series, ‘When Darkness is Falling’.
After a corneal transplant in 2009, he decided to travel extensively to document the human condition in all of its social, economic and political aspects. For more than five years, he worked on sharing stories of young people in Algiers, Algeria. The work documents many of the underlying reasons for the protests happening in Algeria. 
Laurendeau then began a project on the use and trade of drugs in the Palestinian territories and Israel; a phenomenon common to both regions with populations suffering from the full force of conflict. 
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Romain Laurendeau

Image credit: Addlene Meddi