Olivier Papegnies


Born in 1970 in Belgium, Olivier Papegnies lives and works as a photojournalist in Brussels. 

Since becoming a photojournalist in 1997, his reports have been published by Belgian and international press and he has worked with various non-governmental organizations, including Médecins du Monde. 

Papegnies has won several prizes, notably the Special Jury Prize at the Scoop and Journalism Festival of Angers and the Belfius Prize in 2010, the Nikon Press Photo Award (NPPA) in 2011, and the Journalism Prize from the Walloon-Brussels Parliament in 2012 for his work ‘Fous d’Amour’. 

In 2018, his story ‘Koglweogo, miroir d’une faillite d’Etat’ was awarded the ‘Visa d’or de l’information numérique franceinfo’ by Visa pour l’image, and he was a finalist at Vilnius Photo Circle Festival. In 2019, he received second prize in the Non-Profit category of Festival della Fotografia Etica’s awards in Italy.

He has received grants from the "Fund for Journalism" to carry out a work on love and Intellectual disability in Belgium, Christianity in Lebanon, and the Koglweogo, a self-defence group in Burkina Faso.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Award-winning photographer 2020 Photo Contest

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Olivier Papegnies
Image credit: Johanna de Tessieres