Daniel Boetker-Smith


Daniel Boetker-Smith is an educator, writer, curator, publisher, and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Boetker-Smith is the dean of Studies at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne. He has been a lecturer for the past 15 years, and has previously taught and guest lectured at the University of Cheste, United Kingdom; University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom; University of New South Wales, Australia; University of Melbourne, Australia; Kings College London, United Kingdom; London College of Communication, United Kingdom; National Art School, Australia; Deakin University, Australia; La Trobe University, Australia; University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; and Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Daniel Boetker-Smith is a regular contributor to the British Journal of Photography, GUP Magazine, European Photography, Voices of Photography, Vault, Photoeye, Paper Journal, Heavy, Source, and other Australian and international publications.

He is also the director of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, a non-profit library of self-published and independent photobooks.

Daniel Boetker-Smith on Social Media:
Instagram: @dboetkers

Daniel Boetker-Smith