Dalia Khamissy


Dalia Khamissy is a Lebanese photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon. She received a diploma in photography from the Universit√© Saint-Esprit de Kaslik in 1999. Her work since then has revolved around social and political stories in the Middle East.

In 2005, she worked as a photo editor for the Associated Press in Beirut, quitting at the end of 2006 after the Israeli offensive on Lebanon and its aftermath. Since then she has been working intensively on documenting the aftermath of Lebanon’s wars, focusing on the lives of people left behind, as well as its social issues.

In 2010, Khamissy started her ongoing project The Missing of Lebanon, documenting the families of the estimated 17,000 people who went missing during Lebanon’s 1975-90 civil war and whose fate is still unknown, collecting their stories, following their traces and taking photographs of what they left behind. Since 2011, she has been covering the aftermath of the war in Syria for different NGOs and international publications, documenting the lives of refugees who fled their countries and found refuge in Lebanon and Jordan.

She is currently working on the aftermath of the 4 August Beirut blast, telling the stories of those whose lives were affected.

Her pictures have been exhibited widely in Europe, South America, US and the MENA region. She is published in local and international publications.

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Dalia Khamissy