Frank Hulley-Jones

United Kingdom

Frank Hulley-Jones is the design lead for the visuals team at the Guardian newspaper in London, which produces interactive pieces to help audiences engage with complex and important news stories. He collaborates with photographers, editors and animators to bring their work to life.

Most recently, Frank Hulley-Jones led the design of the Guardian's US election live coverage. The results page saw over 100 million page views, making it the news site's most successful article in history.

In 2019, Frank Hulley-Jones was awarded a Malofiej and a D&AD wooden pencil for a piece exploring how life online is experienced differently in India, Cuba, China and Russia. In 2018, his team won a D&AD wooden pencil for the redesign and branding of theguardian.com. He also has multiple SNDs including for a memorial to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Frank Hulley-Jones on Social Media:
Instagram: @tobefrank
Twitter: @tobefrankj

Frank Hulley-Jones

Portrait credit: LĂ©onie Chao-Fong