Pilar Olivares


Pilar Olivares is a Peruvian independent photographer working for Reuters News Agency mostly. Over the years she has covered major breaking news and sports tournaments, approaching events and themes such as World Cups, Olympics, the women condition, physical movement and climate change.

Pilar Olivares' beginnings as a photographer happened at the end of two decades of internal guerrilla violence in Peru, when she took part in her first global news assignment, the kidnapping of the Japanese embassy by the MRTA guerrilla group.  After moving to Brazil, she became interested in discovering a new culture through long-term photographic reports on the roles of women in contemporary society.

Olivares was shortlisted by The Guardian as Agency Photographer of Year in 2019. She has been approaching visual narrative using video and photography to create multimedia formats, working on a personal project focusing on biodiversity and sustainability issues.

Pilar Olivares studied communications at the UNIFE University.

Pilar Olivares on Social Media:
Instagram: @pilarrio
Twitter: @poliv2320

Pilar Olivares
Portrait credit: Dado Galdieri