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The Visual Investigations team combines traditional reporting with digital sleuthing and the forensic analysis of visual evidence to find the truth, hold the powerful to account, and deconstruct important news events.

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The following journalists worked on A Racist Attack Was Caught on Camera. Nearly 45 Years Later, It Still Stings.

Whitney Hurst 
Whitney Hurst is a senior producer on the Visual Investigations team at The New York Times. Her work includes a series exposing the Russian bombing of civilian sites in Syria, an investigation that revealed how Uighur workers are involved in global P.P.E. production, and a piece that showed how the Philadelphia police cracked down on protesters during the summer of 2020. Hurst previously worked at Al Jazeera English where she covered global diplomacy. 

Twitter: @whitney_hurst

Christiaan Triebert
Christiaan Triebert is an investigative journalist focused on conflict, security, and development. He is a video journalist on the Visual Investigations team at The New York Times and his work, which combines traditional reporting with open source methods to break news and hold the powerful to account, includes a series exposing Russian airstrikes on Syrian hospitals, an investigation revealing how Iran shot down a civilian airliner, and multiple pieces on police brutality in the United States. 

Instagram: @trbrtc
Twitter: @trbrtc

Jonah M. Kessel 
John M. Kessel is a visual journalist at The New York Times. His video journalism is a hybrid of explanatory and investigative short-form documentary and other innovative forms of visual journalism. From 2011 to 2016, Kessel covered Asia for the video desk, working out of the Beijing and Hong Kong bureaus. Today, he leads The Times’s cinematography efforts, managing the strategy for the team's aesthetic and use of technology.

Twitter: @jonah_kessel

Jeff Bernier 
Jeff Bernier is an award-winning writer, director and editor based in Brooklyn, New York. He is experienced in documentary, narrative, commercial production and post-production. Bernier is currently working on his M.F.A. in television writing.

Sarah Maslin Nir 
Sarah Maslin Nir is a staff reporter for The New York Times. She was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for “Unvarnished,” her investigation into New York City’s nail salon industry that documented the exploitative labor practices and health issues manicurists face. Nir’s career has included covering kidnappings by terrorists in Benin, West Africa, and wildfires in California.

Twitter:  @SarahMaslinNir

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