Alessandro Cinque


Alessandro Cinque (b. 1988) is a photojournalist based in Lima, Peru, whose work explores environmental and socio-political issues in Latin America, particularly the devastating impact of mining on Indigenous Quechua communities and their lands. 

Through his work, Cinque documents environmental contamination and public health concerns among Indigenous communities living along Peru’s mining corridor, and has committed to photographing the effects of the pollution that permeates the crops, livestock, and homes of the people residing near mining sites.

Cinque’s photographs have been published in international media including The New York Times, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, 6Mois, GEO, Stern, Liberation, among others.

His work has been exhibited in Italy, France, Spain, United States, Russia, and Peru, and he has been recognized as a finalist or winner by prestigious international awards, including the Eugene Smith Grant, POYi, Leica Oskar Barnack, Alexia Grant, Luis Valtueña, Sony Award, and Stenin Contest.

In December 2019, Cinque moved to Lima to become more acquainted with Peru’s culture and society. He began contributing to Reuters’ coverage of Latin America while expanding his personal projects.

He is a recipient of the National Geographic Society's Emergency Fund for Journalists (2021) and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Fund (2021). In 2022, his work was published on the cover of National Geographic and he became a National Geographic Explorer. In January 2023, he published his first fanzine collecting his work on Indigenous Quechua communities over the past six years.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2023 World Press Photo Contest winner

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Alessandro Cinque

Portrait credit: Alessandro Cinque