Sahar Shirzad

Afghanistan/the Netherlands

Sahar Shirzad is a program maker, writer and legal professional with a specialization in human rights. As a critical thinker, she is constantly working on translating topics within social justice in a creative way to a wide audience. 

As founder of the Refugee Millennials, Shirzad created a platform for former refugees who have been living in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. Through personal stories, she puts humanity at the center of polarizing subjects such as the failing refugee policy. 

She currently develops programs as a freelancer and is an activist for human rights. She is co-founder of the Afghan Azadi movement and Azadi collective.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Speaker at The Stories That Matter, part of the Winners’ Program of the 2023 Contest

Sahar Shirzad

Portrait credit: Tatjana Almuli