Alice Aedy

United Kingdom

Alice Aedy is a documentary photographer, film-maker and campaigner, whose work focuses on forced migration, environmental issues and women’s stories. Aedy is the co-founder of earthrise studio, a creative studio dedicated to communicating the climate crisis, harnessing the optimism and imagination required to build the world we so urgently need. Alice spent most of 2015-19 on the front-lines of the refugee crisis, reporting from camps across Europe and the Middle East. She has since traveled to the frontlines of climate change to document the human cost of the climate crisis. Early in 2022, Alice visited the Ukrainian border in Poland to document and uplift the voices of those fleeing the country.  

In 2021 and in collaboration with Choose Love, Aedy set up Choose Earth, a charity and fundraising/storytelling campaign that supports Indigenous leaders fighting for the future of our planet. Their first campaign raised over £100,000 and reached 40 million people. As a speaker, curator and consultant, Aedy has worked with the likes of TEDX, Penguin, WeTransfer, The Barbican, Sky, Vogue, The International Red Cross and the U.N. She believes in the idea of dismantling what the perfect activist should be and wants to encourage everyone – as individuals and businesses – to do better for the planet and for ourselves.

Aedy’s debut short documentary, Disconnected, had its world premiere at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 and San Francisco Documentary Festival where it was nominated for Jury Prize and Audience Award. Disconnected was subsequently screened at film festivals globally and published by The Atlantic. Aedy’s most recent documentary, Somalinimo was published by The Guardian. Her work has been published in The Times, Vice, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Monocle, BBC and exhibited in London including at Somerset House. The Guardian has featured two profiles of Aedy’s work as a photojournalist and her photo of a young Syrian refugee appeared on the publication’s front-page, which would become the most successful fundraising campaign for child refugees in The Guardian’s history. Aedy’s Stella McCartney Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign video A Letter to My Loved Ones was shared globally, including by Oprah, David Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow.  

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Alice Aedy

Portrait credit: Leah​ Weerasinghe