Gilles Steinmann


Gilles Steinmann is the director of Photography for the daily newspaper Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung (NZZ) in Switzerland. 

Gilles has been a photo editor for over 17 years, has worked for various major Swiss publications, and has been involved in the coverage of some of the most historic global news stories. 

One of his other main tasks at the newspaper is to develop new ways of storytelling in both print and online editions to provide readers with in-depth visual coverage. He published over 180 photo essays, giving photographers a platform to tell their stories, and has been a jury member for national and international photo contests.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2024 World Press Photo Contest jury member

Gilles Steinmann on Social Media:
Instagram: @gillessteinmann
Twitter: @Gilles_St

Gilles Steinmann
Portrait credit: Dominic Nahr