Erika Piñeros


Erika Piñeros is a multimedia journalist, documentary photographer, and filmmaker based between Colombia and Cambodia. 

Her work investigates and documents conflict, human rights violations, migration, and other socio-political issues, all while exploring the complexities of representation across cultures. Through images and words, Piñeros tells intimate stories that expose underreported issues, such as the plight of victims of kidnapping and sexual violence, whose voices were muted amid Colombia’s latest peace process. She also delves into the adverse impacts of Western-centric models of transitional justice systems on the lives of survivors during and after conflicts.

Since 2021, Piñeros has been working on a documentary film, exploring the role of conflict photography in the construction of memory and simultaneously addressing issues of representation and misinformation.

Her work has been published in numerous outlets, including Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, The New Humanitarian, and Le Monde.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2024 World Press Photo Contest jury member

Erika Piñeros on Social Media:
Instagram: @erikapineros
Twitter: @erika_pineros

Erika Piñeros

Portrait credit: Tim Gerard Barker