Wang Naigong


Wang Naigong is a photographer from China. She is a member of the China Photographers Association and Director of the Liaoning Photographers Association, as well as a Visiting Professor at Bohai University.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications including China Photography, China Youth Daily, Popular Photography, Photography World, Digital World, Chinese Photographers, China Photography News, and People's Photography News.

Wang Naigong's work has been shown in national exhibitions and she has received several awards including the Liaoning Photography ‘Golden Image Award’ (2019) and the Jury Committee Grand Prize of the 23rd Pingyao International Photography Exhibition in 2023 . 

World Press Photo Involvement:
2024 World Press Photo Contest winner 

Wang Naigong on Social Media:
Instagram: @imstill_withu

Wang Naigong

Portrait credit: Sun Jiazheng