Vera van der Burg

The Netherlands

Vera van der Burg is an artist, researcher, and PhD candidate at the Technical University in Delft. 

Her research focus and artistic practice lies in investigating how AI can be integrated into creative processes, particularly as a reflexive tool for makers. She aims to develop slower, smaller, and more intimate approaches to working with AI in creative practices, offering a responsible alternative to the current use of large, generative AI models. 

Van der Burg holds a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and a master's degree in fine arts and design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Currently, she is engaged with the designing intelligence lab at TU Delft and serves as a researcher-in-residence at Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. 

Van der Burg’s work encompasses publications, workshops, and visual art-based installations, which have been featured at events such as Dutch Design Week, Salone del Mobile, Highlight Delft, and conferences like Designing Interactive Systems and the Design Research Society.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Speaker at The Stories That Matter, part of the Winners’ Program of the 2024 Contest

Vera van der Burg