Ramsey Nasr

The Netherlands

Ramsey Nasr is an actor, author, and award-winning poet. 

Nasr has starred in various series including his own personal non-fiction series, Dr. Nasrs Wunderkammer (2023, NPO), as well as drama series including Het Jaar van Fortuyn (2022, NPO), I.M (Best Actor 2020, NPO), and the long-running series Oogappels (2019-2023, NPO). Nasr has also starred in films such as Alles Op Tafel (2021) and Peter Greenaway’s Goltzius and the Pelican Company (2012).

He was appointed as the city poet of Antwerp and elected as the Dutch Poet Laureate. He regularly publishes opinion pieces about art and politics.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Speaker at The Stories That Matter, part of the Winners’ Program 2024

Ramsey Nasr

Portrait credit: Lenny Oosterwijk