Amine Boussoffara


Amine Boussoffara (Tunisia, 1974) is a self-taught independent visual artist who has had a passion for photography ever since he joined a photo club as a teenager. During the 1990s, he went in search of the history, customs, and architecture of various regions in Tunisia while continuing to harbor a nostalgic attachment to Mahdia, where he was born.

Having mastered digital technology, he worked in the IT sector until 2007, when he resigned from his job to pursue a career as a photographer.

In his first solo exhibition, in Mahdia in 2009, Boussoffara explored the graphic, esthetic, and architectural dimensions of photography. After a further solo exhibition in Tunis, he focused on the political changes of the Arab Spring. As a member of the photographers’ collective Dégage, he presented his work in an exhibition and a book bearing witness to a historic moment in the history of his country.

Boussoffara sees photography as a sensibility enabling him to see beautiful things from a distance and allow others to benefit from this.

Amine Boussoffara