Corentin Fohlen


After studying illustration and comics in Belgium, he discovered photography. Two years later, he began to work for the agency Wostok Press, covering the political and social news in Paris. After working with the agencies Gamma and Abaca Press, he began as a freelancer for Fedephoto, which gave him the freedom to cover both his own interests and major international events like elections in Afghanistan, the earthquake in Haiti, the Red Shirt uprising in Bangkok, the Kosovo independence, conflict in North Kivu, Southern Sudan independence, Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya, the first free elections in Tunisia and Egypt, and the famine in the Horn of Africa.

Fohlen has worked with Stern, The New York Times, Le Monde, Paris Match, Le Figaro, France Soir, Libération, l'Express, Marianne and La Vie, among many others.

Since 2012, Corentin has launched into a long-term work in Haiti trying to show another image of the country, far from the clichés often associated with the island, with a reflection on the consequences of international domination.

Corentin Fohlen