Rob Hornstra

the Netherlands

Since he graduated, he has worked predominantly on long-term projects, both at home and on across the world. He has published 12 books of solo work, including The Secret History of Khava Gaisanova and the North Caucasus, Sochi Singers, Empty Land Promised Land Forbidden Land, 101 Billionaires, and Communism & Cowgirls. Hornstra has produced documentary series for a variety of international magazines, and has taken part in numerous exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad, in addition to his own work as a documentary maker.

In 2009, together with the writer and filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen, Hornstra started The Sochi Project. The project culminated in the retrospective book An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus, published by Aperture in 2013, and an exhibition that toured Europe, USA, and Canada.

He is also the founder and former artistic director of FOTODOK – Space for Documentary Photography and current head of the photography department at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Hornstra is represented by Flatland Gallery.

Rob Hornstra