World Press Photo Yearbook

Featuring prominent stories we know, and those that get overlooked

We’re proud to present the World Press Photo Yearbook 2024, our annual collectible publication presenting the award-winning photographs and stories of the 67th annual World Press Photo Contest.

Featuring work by 33 photographers, the Yearbook 2024 showcases the best and most important photojournalism and documentary photography from around the world. Inside, you will find harrowing stories of deprivation, desperation, war and loss, but also of perseverance, courage, love, family, and dreams. Chosen from over 61,000 entries by 3,851 photographers from 130 countries, these visually stunning works invite viewers to step outside the news cycle and look more deeply at both prominent stories that we know, and those that go overlooked.

The publication has been designed by photobook designer Sybren Kuiper. In addition to the winning works, the book also contains jury reports and essays for in-depth context and reflection. 

The Yearbook 2024 is available in six languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Order the book below.