6x6 Global Talent Program

The program connects visual storytellers from the global regions to a worldwide audience

The initiative spotlights six visual storytellers from six global regions in a rolling process of nomination and selection, to encourage diverse accounts of the world that present stories with different perspectives.

Discover work by the 6x6 talents, and key dates for the next edition of each region:

Focusing on one global region at a time, professionals working in visual storytelling on a public level around the world nominate candidates to send portfolios for review. From these submissions, a selection committee picks six visual storytellers to join the pool of the 6x6 Program’s talents from around the world.

The 6x6 program is not a contest, but a way to highlight talent around the world. There are no categories, and the six individuals from each location are not ranked or awarded individual prizes. Instead, their work is recognized, published and shared on World Press Photo’s platforms with our global audience. 

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