Complaints procedure

The World Press Photo Foundation has set up a complaints mechanism for its stakeholders.

Whenever we receive a complaint, we recognize something has gone wrong and that it is our responsibility to address it effectively.

We ask that complaints be directed to the respective team for the issue concerned:

Communications, for all issues concerning the content and operation of social media channels and the website

Contest, for all issues about the foundation’s contest program

Development, for all issues concerning external relations and partnerships

Education, for all issues concerning any masterclasses or training programs

Exhibitions, for all issues concerning the content and hosting of exhibitions

Finance, for all issues concerning payments

Human resources, for all issues concerning employment and hiring

Programs and outreach, for all issues concerning the African Photojournalism Database and the 6x6 Global Talent Program

Office, for general issues not covered by other teams above

Each complaint is settled and registered as soon as possible – but in no more than 21 days of its written submission.

If the party that lodged a complaint is not satisfied with how it has been settled, it is free to appeal to the executive director, who will consult with a member of the supervisory board. We will respond to the appeal within 21 days. At any given time, a party that has lodged a complaint can contact the foundation for information about its settlement.