World Press Photo staff members

Executive board

  • Arnoud van Dommele, Managing Director


  • Mercedes Almagro Ocana, Communications and Projects Manager
  • Mathilde Beck, Communications Coordinator
  • Anita Huynh, Communications and Projects Manager
  • Janneke Rijpkema, Public Relations and Marketing Manager
  • Martina Torrione, Communications Intern 


  • Daisy Corbin O'Grady, Contests and Projects Manager
  • Anna Lena Mehr, Contests Director
  • Thera Vermeij, Contests and Projects Manager


  • Willemijn Iest, Development Coordinator and Personal Assistant to Managing Director


  • Suzan van den Berg, Exhibitions Coordinator
  • Jerzy Brinkhof, Exhibitions Manager and Curator
  • Marika Cukrowski, Exhibitions Manager and Curator
  • Samira Damato, Exhibitions Manager and Curator
  • Raphael Dias e Silva, Exhibitions Manager and Curator
  • Laurens Korteweg, Exhibitions Director
  • Sanne Schim van der Loeff, Lead Curator and Exhibitions Manager
  • Babette Warendorf, Exhibitions Account Manager


  • Milou Scholing, Finance Assistant

Human Resources

  • Erik Jager, Human Resources Director

Office, Shop and Facilities

  • Lars van Broeckhuysen, Facilities Coordinator / Floormanager
  • Janneke Kamp, Office Manager and Human Resources Assistant
  • Edie Peters, Bookshop Manager

Programs and Outreach

  • Juliette Garms, Programs and Outreach Projects Manager