2011 Digital Storytelling Contest, Linear productions, 3rd prize

A Man in the Forest

A forest ranger named Chen Yimao has lived in the Hainan Province Rainforest in China since 2005. He works to monitor and protect the Hainan Black-Crested Gibbon. The Hainan Black-Crested Gibbon is one of the world's most endangered primates and is the least studied of the gibbon species. There are only 22 Hainan Black-Crested Gibbon remaining and all live in Bawangling National Nature Reserve of Changjiang County.

Jury comments:
"From China, this work signifies the more global development of this form of storytelling. The story itself utilizes the universal elements; a strong central character whose story is told in an intimate and sympathetic way, an environmental issue highlighted through that character' s concerns, a nice use of video and photography to create a solid visual narrative, excellent graphics and a certain sense of humor in parts."

Production team

    With this work, Lei Wang hopes to raise awareness about the Hainan Black-Crested Gibbon and the difficult circumstances in which the local rangers work in order to protect the gibbons.

    Photo and video
    Lei Wang

    Lei Wang

    3D Effect
    Jikui Huang

    Hand Drawer
    Qing Liu

    Weihua Zhang