2011 Digital Storytelling Contest, Interactive Productions, 1st prize

Prison Valley

An interactive production exploring the prison industry in Cañon City, Colorado, USA.

Jury comments:
"This production is a magnum opus visually, conceptually and in terms of the reporting and information offered. It is also an example of immersive interactivity, where the viewer can take a journey that they control, learning new information along the way. This work should be a challenge to everyone producing non-linear multimedia to raise their standards in terms of how the technology can be utilized."

Production team


    A film by
    Philippe Brault and David Dufresne

    Alexandre Brachet and Gregory Trowbridge

    Assisted by
    Margaux Missika

    Web design and interface
    Sébastien Brothier

    Cédric Delport

    Original score
    Bertrand Toty

    Flash programming
    David Després

    Flash development
    Bertrand Tronsson

    Flash programmers
    Jerome Goncalvès and Mathieu Chapuis

    Web development
    Maxime Quintard and Hans Lemuet

    Production consultant
    Eric Drier

    iPhone development
    Pierre Bertoux and Guillaume Doutriaux Kamaji Multimédia

    Arte France Documentary Unit
    Pierrette Ominette, Head of Unit Marianne
    Levy-LeBlond, Commissioning Editor

    Arte France Development Department
    Marie-Laure Lesage, Manager
    Anne Pradel, Administrator
    Audrey Mettoudi, Administration

    Web Department
    Joël Ronez, Manager
    Heidelinde Blumers, Web Production
    Marie Chevalier, Project Manager
    David Carzon, Editor in Chief

    Agnes Buiche
    Celine Chevalier

    English translation
    Simon Pare

    German translation
    Ulrich Forderer and Astrid Forstbauer

    Elizabeth Ragland

    David Dufresne (French)
    Gary Granville (English)
    Christian Stonner (German)

    Sound mixing
    Benoît Hery - YAP

    Additional music
    "Cañon City" (Wilbert Harrison) by Richard E. Good
    "Fell In Love With A Girl" (Jack White / White Stripes) by The Flumps
    "Polly" (Kurt Cobain) by The Flumps
    "Woodpecker Waltz" (Tom Garcia) by 2 Wheels Turning
    Florence High School Husky Band

    Frédéric Fleureau

    Post production
    Jean Laurent Feurra

    Library pictures
    'Cañon City' by Crane Wilbur (1948)
    Crowley County Correctional Facility riots  -  anonymous photos (2004)
    Supermax inmates (photos AFP / Sipa Press)

    Christine Renaud and Marie Claude Cazin (Cred)

    A production by

    With the participation of The CNC