How to enter

How to enter the 2024 Contest

Entries to the 2024 World Press Photo Contest have now closed. 

Before entering the contest, entrants were asked to have read the entry rules, information about the categories, code of ethics, guidance on how to write captions, technical requirements, and verification process (including manipulation rules) and follow these steps: 

1. Create your personal Picter account.

If you have entered the World Press Photo Contest on Picter in the last three years, you can log in using the same login details you previously used. 

2. Register for the 2024 World Press Photo Contest on Picter.

This requires your personal data as well as your proof of professional status. You can register until the extended deadline of 12 January 2024, 13.00 CET. If you’re a new entrant (have not entered the contest in the last three years), your registration will be reviewed to ensure it meets our entry rules. We reserve the right to ask for additional information to help clarify your professional status.

Did you know?
You do not have to provide a press card as proof of your professional status, there are several other ways to provide this information. For example, a membership document or recommendation letter from a recognized photographic association, or at least one proof of publication from 2022 or 2023 with your name visible as credit. Take a look at our entry rules to see which documents we accept as proof

3. While your registration is under review, you can already upload your work, and add captions, metadata, and other information.

Photographs entered into the Singles, Stories, and Long-Term Projects categories must comply with our rules on manipulation and must not be altered by adding, rearranging, reversing, distorting or removing people and/or objects from within the frame. All entries must have accurate captions and descriptions, written in English. Captions must contain all the information described in the guidance on how to write captions.

Did you know?
Captions can be translated into English using tools such as Google Translation. If the captions have been translated, please also provide the original caption.

4. Submit your entries before the extended deadline of 12 January 2024, 13.00 CET.

Until the deadline, you can always log back into your account and edit your submission. After editing, make sure to resubmit your entry so it will be seen by the jury.
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Image credit: Ahmad Halabisaz