Mariceu Erthal García

6x6 North and Central America Talent:
Mariceu Erthal García, Mexico

“Mariceu Erthal García’s ability to search for ways to understand her stories and put herself into the world of the people she is trying to learn about is uncanny. Her work is sensitive, profound and unsettling.” - Erika Larsen, USA, photographer and 6x6 nominator

Mariceu Erthal García is a Mexican photographer who explores between documentary and fine art photography. She uses this as a bridge and a tool to reflect on the journey, the territory, humanitarian problems, migration, violence, and daily life, and how they converge with the historical and cultural context.

Letters to Gemma

Gemma left home for a job interview, but never returned. In a file lost for seven years in injustice, lies the record of her lifeless body, the order of exhumation and the note that her body was not found. This project is an immersion into, and a personal connection to her world, her poetry, the union with her parents, the flowers that she cultivated, and the melancholy remembrance of her desire to live. According to the statistics of the RNPED in Mexico, someone disappears every two hours; 40% of them are young people between 15 and 29 years in age, and seven Mexican women are murdered every day. In 2007, 620 people disappeared, and in 2017, the figures were 5426.


“On a tourist trip to Cuba for a week, I looked for accommodation through Airbnb and I found Iriana, who manages the account of where I’d stay. She gave me instructions to get to her parents' house. While there, I was thinking and developing the project according to the experience of knowing these people, using drawings of her, her dresses, and the spaces of the house.” - Mariceu Erthal García