Special exhibition for the World Press Freedom Conference 2020

People, Power: Documenting protest since 1957

The World Press Photo Foundation connects the world to the stories that matter. Now more than ever, supporting the conditions for freedom of expression, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of the press is a fundamental part of our work.

As part of our commitment to press freedom, the World Press Photo Foundation is an official partner of the World Press Freedom Conference 2020, taking place digitally from 9-10 December 2020. In collaboration with UNESCO and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have curated a special exhibition showcasing protest and people power images from the World Press Photo Contests archive.  

Kruisplein, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. © LNDWstudio 

Since 1995, our annual contests recognize and celebrate the best visual journalism produced over the last year. The independent juries have over the years awarded many pictures of protest, starting with Douglas Martin’s photograph of Dorothy Counts in 1957, a symbol of resistance against racism; and finishing with Yasuyoshi Chiba’s Straight Voice, awarded World Press Photo of the Year in the 2020 Photo Contest, capturing the hope and resilience of protesters in Sudan. The exhibition shows images that, like Charlie Cole’s picture of Tiananmen Square in 1990, have become global symbols of people power, and celebrates the work of professional photographers who are showing us the stories that matter.
Recent technological transformations have given visuals an even more important role in communications today. Reporting on protests often comes with risks. The World Press Freedom Conference 2020 strives for free and independent media, and the protection of journalism from new and persistent forms of control. At a time when the freedom of the press is under attack in so many countries, we need these professionals more than ever.

The exhibition will be displayed in public spaces The Netherlands and is free for visitors.

Cultuurpark Westergas, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. © Lars van Broeckhuysen

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
From 23 September until 19 October 2020
Location: Kruisplein

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
From 21 October until 16 November 2020
Location: Cultuurpark Westergas (in front of the World Press Photo House)

The Hague, the Netherlands
From 18 November until 14 December 2020
Location: Rijnstraat 8 (in front of Government Offices)

Tunis, Tunisia

From 5 December 2020 to 26 December 2020
Location: Cité de la Culture de Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia

Photo credits
Fabio Bucciarelli, for L’Espresso, awarded in the 2020 World Press Photo Contest

Douglas Martin, the Charlotte News and Associated Press, World Press Photo of the Year in 1957
Charlie Cole, Newsweek, World Press Photo of the Year in 1990
Yasuyoshi Chiba, Agence France-Presse, World Press Photo of the Year in 2020